You might think that live cam shows pretty much happen on their own. It’s very easy to think that these shows automatically come at a high technical level of quality. I’m sorry to break this to you but these things don’t fall out of the sky pre-made. They don’t happen by accident. The reason why the production qualities of certain live cam shows are so vastly inferior to those of others is because of concrete planning as well as very intentional investment.

You have to remember that anything that you see on the internet is a product of two things. First, creative inputs, and second, technical hardware and processes. These two are interlinked. If you want a high quality experience, these two ingredients must be present.

Put it this way, you might be watching a video that has the best script on the planet. This thing has a lot of passion, a lot of energy, and a lot of creativity and imagination. However, they used a potato to film the video, what do you think the quality would be? It would be grainy, you can’t hear half of it, and it would turn out to be a massive, stinking pile of shit. Do you see where I’m coming from?

So, you have to always focus on these two ingredients being present, and that’s why you can’t assume that live cam shows will deliver the kind of experience that you are looking for on . The passion, energy and creativity might be there, but if the equipment sucks, at best you’d be settling for part of the value. At worst, you’re going to be missing out in it completely.

The other side of the equation is also true. You might have all the best equipment in the world and you’re dealing with high resolution video and high definition sound and images, but if the performer sucks or the script and the setup, as far as the conversation is concerned, is subpar then your overall experience will suffer as well. You have to look at defining the best live cam shows as a combination of both technical and creative inputs. Otherwise, it’s simply not going to happen.