If you’ve ever gone to free meet and fuck dates, you probably would realize that, in most cases, you’re in over your head. Either you’re dealing with a chick who is an operator, she would really eat you up alive if you say the wrong word, or you’re dealing with a complete sex addict. The sex addict would then always scope you out, and if there’s something off, the deal is off. It’s like walking on egg shells.

If you want to make sure that you get what you’re looking for at free meet and fuck dates, you need to pay attention to the conversations you have. I know this is fucking crazy, I know this is fucking surprising, but yes, there are conversations involved at free meet and fuck dates. Forget what you heard before. You still have to talk to your potential sex partner.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys’ minds have been poisoned by all sorts of advertising for free meet and fuck websites. They’ve been led to believe that there is no talking involved. In fact, things have gotten so crazy that many guys have gotten the impression that they just need to show up on a free sex meet site, search girls in their city and whip out their cocks, and a chick will just get down on their knees to take care of business. It doesn’t work that way.

You still have to communicate. You still have to relate to the person on a person to person basis. Otherwise, you’re not going to get laid. It really is that simple. Unfortunately, a lot of guys have missed the memo on this and they go about their merry way. As a result, most of those free meet and fuck dates result in an actual meeting but no fucking. If that’s the situation you’re